A Series Of Unfortunate Events Or An Appointment With Destiny?

“Depression, Fear, and Anger…. These were a few of the emotions suffocating me. They robbed me of time, progression, and purpose. The saddest part was that I believed with my whole heart, that my life was over. I had convinced myself that normality wasn’t for me. I mean how could it be, when everything about my current position was anything but normal. Every night I closed my eyes and begged for death, praying, and pleading with God that he’d take me out of my misery. Trauma, sickness, and loss were several of those “unfortunate events”.  Suicide didn’t even seem like a solution to the pain in my soul. I tried more than once or twice to end my life, but I’m grateful that before every attempt there was a divine interruption. Despite the horrific physical and psychological torment, there was a hidden hope deep within my heart. That hope ignited a fire within me, that can never be quenched…”

This Paragraph is a snippet from one of my most sacred pieces of work. A body of work that is so dear to my heart. It’s a work in progress, but one day soon I look forward to sharing with you all. 💕 A raw, uncut story about my journey to not only Begin Again, but LIVE Again


xo Bre Joanne




Copyright ©2017 Brittney McPherson, Bre Joanne All Rights Reserved

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