“You Have The Choice To Start Over, And Begin Again”

You woke up one day, and you weren’t where you thought you’d be. Your dreams, aspirations, and hopes for the future are now in the rear-view mirror. You’re still able to see them, but they seem too far out of reach, so you convince yourself it’s impossible. Do you know that you just aborted the plan…?

For just a moment, think back to when you were a child; and if you were anything like me you had a whole timeline drawn out. I was so confident that my life would go exactly as I planned because I felt unstoppable. Nothing seemed too hard or unattainable. The sky was the limit…

We’re almost never prepared for the setback. Sometimes we see ourselves slowing down, but out of fear we don’t want to take a break to refuel. I’d rather take a break for a moment, than be stranded for a lifetime. We never consider the “break” or “downtime” a part of the process. At least I didn’t, I wanted to jump head first into my destiny. As I began to re-focus my mind, and take control of my life, I learned that my destiny wasn’t a permanent position, but a continuous journey operating in my purpose.

Life happens of course! Then you’re consumed with questions, and flooded with a series of emotions. Truth is, no one expects the worse to happen, it just does. You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control your response. For years I questioned how two individuals could go through similar experiences, but process the experience differently. I understood that we all possess our own thought process, and our comprehension of a situation may differ, but I still questioned their response. We all have the choice to fight back from what life throws at us, but some of us have a greater fight because it’s all we have….

Whatever the setback, it wasn’t a part of the plan; so, what do you do now? I firmly believed that If I mentally prepared myself for the unexpected, then it wouldn’t derail my plans too far out of my control. However, I quickly learned that life never goes as planned.

Get all the negative thoughts out of your head regarding where you thought your life should be, and start embracing where you are now. A family member is at a cross road in his life, and he asked a simple question this week “Who wants to start over?” As frightening and frustrating as it may seem, starting over is sometimes the best thing that can happen to you. It doesn’t mean you have to abort the original plan, but you have the choice to start over and begin a new ending.


Best of luck on your journey,

Bre Joanne



Copyright ©2017 Brittney McPherson, Bre Joanne All Rights Reserved



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