What A Difference A Year Makes…

Like many, I entered 2017 with so much excitement! The new year always brings feelings of hope and great expectancy. I envisioned a year of endless possibilities, opportunities, and growth. What could possibly go wrong??…

This year I’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, and a good friend. Dreams became nightmares, and I had to cope with many personal losses. If I didn’t learn anything else this year, I learned how to endure. Every experience has only made me stronger, and I’m a witness that you can rise above anything.

This year I had to fight for my “New Beginning”. I was reminded that anything worth having is truly worth fighting for. I was determined to accomplish everything I set out to do, although it didn’t go as planned. Despite all of the chaos there were many good moments, and I appreciate each victory.

We limit ourselves when we begin to despise the journey. New beginnings may cause some things to come to an end, but don’t abort the plan. I am not the same person I was when I walked into 2017, and neither are you!! Take a moment to celebrate because within the past year you’ve grown.👏

Maybe you feel like 2017 was your best year yet ! 🙌 Or maybe you’re anxiously waiting for the clock to strike twelve on New Years Day so you can finally be rid of 2017. Maybe you accomplished all of your goals this year, or you barely scratched the surface . No matter where you are in your life right now, appreciate the journey. Set new goals, try again this coming year, be even better. The opportunities are limitless when you believe. The dream is still there, hope is still there, life is still there. 💕

Happy New Year, may 2018 be filled with peace, happiness, and prosperity 👐

Much Love,

Bre Joanne

Copyright ©2017 Brittney McPherson, Bre Joanne All Rights Reserved

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