“I Keep Trying To Quit…”

It was a week away from the official launch of my online store ‘Memoirs By Bre’. This project is so dear to my heart because it is an extension of what the Bre Joanne brand represents; it embodies wholeness, perseverance, and resiliency…

It felt like any other Monday morning. I was preparing myself for work, and packing for my weekend getaway with my girls to celebrate my birthday. Things were finally looking up, and for a moment I was consumed with that feeling. However, the feeling felt short-lived because while leaving the office Monday night I received a call informing me that my building was on fire. Surprisingly, I was filled with such peace knowing that everyone made it out safely and we would be okay.


 I believe its safe to say 2018 didn’t start off the way I anticipated. Once the initial shock wore off, sadness overtook me, and not long after that anger crept in. I had so many questions, “why me?”, “why now?”, “what else do I have to go through?” Honestly, I didn’t want to take the high road because I was frustrated and disappointed. However, there’s always that small voice, that ounce of strength pushing you forward. I didn’t want to eat, get out of bed, or even work. I wanted my moment of wallowing, and I convinced myself that I desperately needed it.

“I KEEP TRYING TO QUIT!” I wrote those five words on a blank page in my journal. I didn’t write for two months after that. I was determined to quit, and the anger I felt in my heart was fueling every decision. I felt displaced, shattered, and bitter. As the weeks went by I kept wrestling with myself and God. Wanting to abort the plan because the pressure was becoming too much. Then I began flipping through the pages of my journals, and I was reminded of how much I’ve lived through. The experience is different, but the formula is the same. You can’t go around it, jump over it, or hide behind it. You have to go through it…

I’m not a very confrontational person by nature but these experiences are teaching me to fight for my life, fight for my hope, and fight for my future. Whatever that may look like it’s mine. My experiences, my fears, my life, and I SHALL NOT QUIT!


-Bre Joanne

~Hope Ignites A Fire That Can Never Be Quenched~


Copyright ©2018 Brittney McPherson, Bre Joanne All Rights Reserved


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